A challenge that will help you strengthen and create healthier bonds emotionally

A challenge that will help you strengthen and create healthier bonds emotionally 22-12-2021

By: Marjorie Ariza

On these holidays I would like to give you a challenge, consciously focus all your energies and attention to achieve a communication of greater quality and depth between you, always remembering that you are a team and as the same what you want is a win-win. With this communication, they will continue to grow and strengthen the relationship, creating a healthier bond at an emotional level.

By achieving this you will feel a general well-being, which is derived from emotions, thoughts and positive feelings that will lead you to feel more connected at the partner level and ends up being reflected in the family.

Christmas is a very special date for everyone.

We meet with friends, family members we don't see so often, our closest family, our co-workers, among others, almost every day there is a reason to share.

It is a time to give, receive, accompany, continue with established rituals and also to create new ones.

What better gift than a firm intention to have better communication with your partner?

I think one of our first conversations at this time in history, where we will celebrate a Christmas more similar to those of before the pandemic, could be how we will have quality time you and I within this agenda so full of commitments that we have in this December 2021.

This should be the priority, we schedule in our calendar the days of our dating and then the rest. Let's show our partner that it's our priority. In this way we will begin to live these holidays in a more fluid way as a couple, prioritizing the most important thing, the 2 of us.

Then we will be able to better manage the conflicts or differences that arise in these dates how, what to spend or not at this time.

Whether it is appropriate to make gifts or better details, how the celebrations will be, how many guests we will have, what outings or commitments are important and which we can excuse ourselves among others. Remembering that somehow they are two families (our parents') with their specific demands and that you have to share with both, if so.

Important note, with so much activity, fatigue and stress are added at this time, so again I recommend that you maintain effective, clear and daily communication. I would tell them that it can be at the beginning of the day or at the end of it where they review the individual, couple and family agendas and can make the necessary adjustments so that everything flows in the best way.

Recalling what I wrote on another occasion, I consider it prudent to share it again.

Communication in the relationship is the basis of love, understanding how important it is to talk and strengthening it, it is the way to solve most of the problems in the relationship.

In conversation we know each other, we define limits, we clarify doubts, we eliminate concerns, we vent , we dream together, we learn from each other and their way of loving.

In the couple, communication is of the utmost importance since it constitutes the most intimate area of affectivity, a space in which the absence or ineffectiveness gives rise to incorrect interpretations, to not being able to flow in the everyday so that it generates lack of security and confidence of where one is affectively.

In good communication they both say and listen, what they want and need.

• Develop the ability to understand, be assertive and negotiating skills, which are fundamental to reaching agreements.

When we have different opinions, be objective and depersonalize, that is, express what happens and what is wanted without accusing, insulting or reproaching the couple.

• It is vital that the goal of communicating in times of conflict is to resolve and not to harm.

• Remember what the best time for you as a couple to talk is, that you both be willing, and not tired or sleepy.

• Talk about the topic in question, be concrete, do not make the mistake of going to the past and bringing topics that could relate to what is happening.

• It is also important to understand that what everyone expresses is their perception of the situation, do not assume.

Speak from the I believe, I feel, I need, I want..."

Marjorie Ariza