• Evaluations


Psychometric assessments are an intrinsic part of the therapeutic process.

They provide detailed information about the cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional dimensions of the person. They allow a more precise analysis in order to establish an adequate diagnosis, in addition to identifying strengths and weaknesses of the patient for the design of an effective and personalized treatment plan.


  • Cognitive Tests – They allow us to know the individual's IQ, verbal and non-verbal abilities, memory, processing speed, levels of attention, among others.
  • Vocational Tests – They help us know the psychological profile, skills and abilities of the person, in order to help them in making decisions related to their career and/or profession.
  • Personality Tests – They shed light on the individual's personality traits and possible pathologies and personality disorders.
  • Marital Satisfaction Tests – Contribute to knowing the relationship dynamics, communication styles and main difficulties of coexistence of the evaluated couple.
  • Projective Tests – They give us access to know more about the personality traits of the individual, their emotional state, their perception of the world and their relationship with the environment.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Helps us measure clinical symptoms relevant to diagnosis and psychological and/or psychiatric treatment

When is a psychometric evaluation necessary or advisable?

  • When we wish to confirm or rule out any diagnosis.
  • To clearly distinguish the needs of the patient and thus be able to suggest the appropriate approaches and types of treatment for their case.
  • When required by another professional (psychiatrist, educator, neurologist, etc.) in order to receive our suggestions regarding the case evaluated.
  • To learn more about the personality traits, skills, abilities and cognitive abilities of the person evaluated.
  • To obtain information that helps the person make important life decisions such as choice or career and job changes.
Camila Hasbún

Camila Hasbún

Evaluations Dep. Coordinator
Associate Therapist