Massage: a tool for a better relationship

Massage: a tool for a better relationship 03-11-2021

By:   Marjorie Ariza

Learning to massage can change the way you approach your partner's body, the way you think about pleasure, climax, and the way you communicate through touch language. It is a fundamental piece for a full sex life and a healthy relationship.

We are not talking about a professional massage, but about a massage that you will be creating by looking at the different networks of professionals who teach how to do it, attending different massage places for you to receive them and be attentive in how they are done, the different techniques and then testing it to achieve your own formula. Learning techniques with your hands, fingers, even the forearm, made rhythmically, at different speeds and with different types of pressure which should not be strong to avoid pain. You will create your script as you feel the other's response. It is a touch that you can do varied according to the occasion and the time you have. The fact that your partner offers you a massage or asks for it will not mean that he will continue with the sexual act but it could be.

It is very important that you prepare the environment where you are going to do it. With candles that give the feeling of warmth and relax the senses, smells that both of them like, a suitable temperature, relaxing background music and that you have a good massage oil.

And the most important thing is that you have an attitude and willingness to give them a pleasant experience.

Here are some benefits of how your intimate life can be transformed through touch:

1- you develop the ability to ask for what you both need. Every time you receive a massage we recommend that you say what you need and how much time you have.

It can be a massage of the feet, of the hands, shoulders, neck; also the way it is done, if with the tips of the fingers, in a soft and slow way or in a more touchy feely fashion, rhythmic touches among others. The more you specific the request, the better the experience. And so you develop the ability to get used to asking for what you need at the time of the most intimate physical relationship.

2- The ability to set limits is developed and as a consequence of these being fulfilled you develop more confidence in regarding your partner. It is important to clarify that not necessarily the fact that you ask for a massage means that they will end up having sex. This is how we can experience freedom and there is no feeling of obligation towards a particular ending. These limits may be the time we have, that you don't want it to end up in a Sexual encounter, or maybe while it's happening I'll tell you if I want to.

3- You can develop the ability to express the pleasure you feel when you receive it which is easier for some people, than doing it during sex. You can say it in words or with moans when you feel that what your partner is doing is generating a pleasurable feeling in you and that way your partner can keep on perfecting the way they touch you.

So then it may be easier to take this to bed.

4- You also learn to feel not only what your partner feels when doing it but also what you are feeling when touching your partner's body, you will be able to notice the areas that their muscles are more tense and thus you will be able to apply a little deeper pressure on these and your partner will feel more connected and cared for by you. You'll become their superhero. This, in bed, would translate to areas that you feel give them more pleasure.

5- You learn to focus your attention on the signals that your partner gives you when you feel their touch, their sounds, their breathing, subtle movements of their body, response of their muscles and words that they may get to express. Here you can connect to a much deeper level and get to know them better. You develop an attention in the other that at the moment of an intimate encounter translates into being able to go beyond when you give them pleasure.

6- You develop the ability to touch the whole body to generate a feeling of general pleasure. This is how you awake your body and release the tensions that it can have and thus leading you to feel more pleasure.

7- You will learn to use your hands to create pleasure in the most sensitive areas of your partner. Your hands are the best toys and don't need batteries. When you really learn to use your hands with confidence a new chapter opens up in your erotic life.

I recommend that you start practicing the different techniques, that you find in videos or that you have already experienced attending massage places in yourself and feel that such every touch and so when you go to practice with your partner you feel safer. You can practice massaging your hands, arms, legs, feet, face among others and focus on what you feel. And first of all, practice it as many times as you can. Remember that practice keeps everything running more smoothly, naturally and therefore more pleasant for those who receive it.

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Marjorie Ariza